Soo Greyhounds

# 27 – Barrett Hayton (2018 Draft)

Showed poise with the puck in the defensive zone, and would turn his back to opponents, or make a nice deke in order to maintain possession. Used his hands effectively in the offensive zone as well, drawing opponents near before performing a deke and firing off a hard snap shot that narrowly missed the net. Hayton added to the offence with his puck distribution this game, completing 5 effective mid-range passes. He showed good knee bend, length and power on his stride (without the puck).

# 37 – Ryan Roth (2018 Draft)

Roth is a smaller forward that uses his quickness to add to the attack. He showed burst speed with the puck on 2 occasions, going from a near stand still to then flying through the neutral zone, and was able to enter the offensive zone on both occasions. Roth had 4 zone entries in total. He also displayed good vision with the puck, and was able to complete 6 effective passes in the game, 2 at long-range, and 4 at mid-range.

# 12 – Boris Katchouk (2016 Draft – 2nd rd – Tampa Bay)

Was able to maintain control of the puck for long stretches of time and showed good patience. Distributed the puck to teammates in all three zones. Used his speed in the offensive zone on 2 occasions to drive the net and create scoring opportunities.

# 16 – Morgan Frost (2017 Draft – 1st rd – Philadelphia)

Had 2 zone entries after displaying his incredible quickness in the neutral zone. Completed 5 effective neutral zone / offensive zone passes, many of which led to legitimate scoring chances. His passes tended to be cross-ice and were mainly of longer distance. Frost showed a special ability to slow the play down as he scanned the ice, (similar to a quarterback) before making a pass or maintaining puck possession.

# 21 – Conor Timmins (2017 Draft – 2nd rd – Colorado)

Timmins had 3 effective shots on net. He got off a hard snap shot (on the rush) from a cross ice pass, and also had 2 shots from the point. Timmins did a good job of varying the pace of his shots, based on the time and space he was given. Last year, a slight question mark with Timmins was his skating. In this game, it looked much improved, and it actually seemed to be a strength. He showed good quickness with the puck in his d-zone breakouts, and had a lengthy rush where he was able to go full speed and display his more powerful stride. Timmins showed off his good vision, and made multiple nice passes from the d-zone that jump started the attack.

Barrie Colts

# 4 – Joey Keane (Overage 2018 Draft)

A 1999 born player, Joey Keane went undrafted in 2017 but he impressed us enough in this game to warrant a write-up. Keane is a very explosive player, and thus, is quite hard to miss. He has a deep knee bend in his stride and created a tremendous amount of power as he rushed the puck up the ice. In one instance during the game, he flew through the neutral zone, deked a player, entered the zone and then sniped the puck top shelf, to the amazement of everyone in the building. Keane also showed composure with the puck, moving laterally with ease and stickhandling the puck until finding the proper pass to jumpstart the rush. Keane had 4 effective passes in the game, and also showed a willingness to hit, laying 2 big checks in the neutral zone on opposition rushes. We will continue to monitor this player as the season moves along and look forward to our next viewing.

# 14 – Andrei Svechnikov (2018 Draft)

The projected second overall pick in the 2018 NHL draft, Andrei Svechnikov is known for his all-around offensive game, and blistering shot. On this day though, he didn’t quite play up to expectations. The main issue in his game was puck management and distribution. Svechnikov had 4 turnovers in the game, 3 from passing, and 1 from skating into traffic and losing the puck. 2 of the turnovers were in his own zone where he tried to go cross ice with the puck and ended up passing to the opposition directly in his own slot, creating dangerous scoring chances against. His puck distribution will be an area we closely monitor throughout the season. Svechnikov drove the offence with his puck rushing, and incredibly, had 6 effective o-zone entries in the game, with 4 of those coming at full-speed. He showed good effort on the defensive side of the game, getting in on the forecheck, and also used his stick to effectively strip the puck from the opposition on multiple occasions. Svechnikov used his shot on the rush, and was able to get it off his stick almost instantly, giving the goalie very little time to react. His skating stride was powerful, with longer than average distances off each push, and a lower rate of feet turnover.

# 21 – Curtis Douglas (2018 Draft)

Douglas is a behemoth of a player at 6’8” 232 lbs, and unfortunately for the opposition, he is no gentle giant out on the ice. He was by far the most aggressive player on the forecheck in this game, and had 6 full-speed skates towards the opposition as they controlled the puck. On many of these forechecks, Douglas finished off the play with a big hit. Douglas was also involved in the offence, completing three effective short range passes in the offensive zone, and also displaying his shooting, wiring a heavy snapshot on net that was no easy save for the keeper. His skating is still a work in progress, as would be expected from such a tall player, particularly the power he is getting from each stride, and maintaining a lower center of gravity to avoid the wobbles. Overall though, his skating is quite similar to other young players who are still adjusting to the speed of the league, and could become quite effective over time. Douglas is an intriguing prospect because of his size, aggressiveness, and shot, but will not get the previous benefits that the biggest players got and will have to prove himself against players of all shapes and sizes as the year moves along.

# 71 – Kirill Nizhnikov (2018 Draft)

Displayed good speed with the puck on his 2 lengthy rushes in the game. Nizhnikov is an impressive skater with a very sound and efficient stride. He made effective passes in all three zones of the ice, and was patient with the puck while in control of it. This was a solid game for Nizhnikov, as he made some noticeable plays, albeit a little quiet.

# 17 – Alexey Lipanov (2017 Draft – 3rd rd – Tampa Bay)

Heavily involved in the offence, with 4 effective neutral zone / offensive zone passes, and 2 hard snapshots on net. Was quick with the puck while in control, and used soft hands to keep the puck away from the opposition.

# 61 – Ryan Suzuki (2019 Draft)

A first year (2001 born) player, and the #1 overall pick in the OHL Draft, Ryan Suzuki had an impressive game for the Barrie Colts. The thing we most enjoyed about his play was his poise with the puck under pressure. Particularly in the defensive zone, Suzuki would receive the puck from teammates with little time and space, and using his impressive vision, made nice passes into the neutral zone on 4 separate occasions. This allowed the Colts to switch from defense to offense instantly and created odd-man chances for Barrie off the rush. Suzuki fired off two hard shots towards the net in the game, and also impressed his coach enough to play on the second power play unit. His stride (without the puck) looked outstanding as he went in full speed on the forecheck in this game. We look forward to monitoring Suzuki as he prepares for the draft in 2019.