# 11 – Orrin Centazzo (2018 Draft)

A quick skater with a smooth stride, Centazzo had a hard working game that saw him consistently lead his linemates in on the forecheck, as he used his speed to limit time and space for the opposition.


# 11 – Jaret Anderson-Dolan (2017 Draft – 2nd rd – Los Angeles)

Drove possession for the Chiefs in this game. Anderson-Dolan had control of the puck (for a significant amount of time) on 10 occasions, including 4 offensive zone entries. He did a solid job of maintaining pace while controlling the puck and seemed to skate even faster with it than without it. He used his slick hands to keep the puck away from the opposition, and completed 4 effective passes to his teammates.

# 19 – Milos Fafrak (Overage 2018 Draft)

Passed over in the 2017 draft. Fafrak was not a focal point for us at the start of this game, but his impressive play resulted in this write-up, and in future interest from our scouting team. Fafrak played the entire game with a high tempo and an unrelenting work ethic. He was frequently the first player in on the forecheck, using his smooth and powerful stride to attack the puck and create havoc for the opposition. His pursuit of the puck led him to achieve control of it on numerous occasions. While in possession, Fafrak used his deking abilities to keep the puck away and then used his vision to find the open man. He completed 5 effective passes in this game, a few of which were outstanding and led to immediate scoring chances. Fafrak rounded out his offence with 3 dangerous shots, making us think that his 0 goals on the season is more a lack of puck luck than anything else, and should turn around quite soon.

# 24 – Ty Smith (2018 Draft)

Is the quarterback of the Chiefs offence and yet, is only a second year defenceman. Smith carried the puck out from deep in his defensive zone more than anyone else on the team, and (on average) maybe the entire league. This is because 1), Smith demands the puck and 2), because his teammates have complete trust in him that he’ll make the appropriate play as he skates up ice.

Smith led the rush with his efficient speed, and ran the point on the team’s power play. He displayed effective decision making, completing 7 passes, and showed a unique ability to get his shot through from the point while under heavy opposing pressure. Smith has a hard shot but he also understands that a blocked shot no matter how fast it travels, is a negative, and he varied the pace of his 4 shots based on available time and space. He defended with a strategy of containment, maintaining a position between his net and the puck, and allowed Everett the fringes of the ice with very few options. Smith made a habit of stepping in the shot lanes, getting low for blocks, and used his swiveling stick to defend all available passes.

# 29 – Eli Zummack (2018 Draft)

A speedy player who buzzed all over the ice. Zummack got in hard on the forecheck, and was always looking for a pass from his teammates. He used his quickness to find seams and backed off defenders who had to manage his ability to win 50/50 races. Showed some vision, completing 2 effective passes and used his stick to play keep away as well as to poke the puck off the opposition stick.