Sudbury Wolves

# 71 – David Levin (2018 Draft)

Levin is a calculating player that likes to slow the pace down and rely on his vision and hands to achieve results. He skated at a relaxed pace on his 2 forechecks, and really tried to read where the play was headed vs trying to overwhelm the defenders with speed. Levin’s main weapon is his silky hands, as he completed 7 successful dekes in this game, many of which led to odd-man opportunities after he was able to isolate a defender and beat them one on one. He also completed 2 effective passes in this game. We are looking for Levin to ramp up his pace of play and skate at full speed more frequently in order to achieve success at higher levels.

# 83 – Zack Malik (2018 Draft)

Kept it simple, made smart decision with the puck, and didn’t have any major errors. Completed 1 long-range, and 2 effective mid-range passes in the game. Malik is not a slow player, but is by no means a speed demon, and his stride is solid, while being a touch heavy. Malik did an admirable job on the power play, moving the puck with ease in the offensive zone, as well as getting pucks towards the net with his shot. This shot, by the way, is absolutely enormous. Malik had 2 dangerous slapshots in the game, both of which were struck with such power and ferocity that it looked like the goalie might get blown backwards upon impact. This shot is a big asset for Malik, and along with his steady overall play should make him an exciting player to watch as we march along towards the NHL draft.


# 4 – Justin MacPherson (2018 Draft)

Displayed a fluid skating stride and was able to dart away from close-range attackers with good edgework and slick maneuvering. On 2 occasions MacPherson used his quick stick to poke the puck away from the opposition. Was a trusted member on the penalty kill, and while in control of the puck, MacPherson made the simple smart plays to move the puck up ice. Has two-way upside and is a player we will be keeping a close eye on throughout the season.

# 44 – Akil Thomas (2018 Draft)

Watching a skilled player like Thomas, it was nice to see his significant efforts away from the puck as well. 4 times during the game, he was in on the forecheck at top speed, creating major problems for the opposition breakout. When his teammates had the puck, Thomas would look for soft spots on the ice and start skating hard in that direction in order to back up defenders and also to become available for a pass. He had control of the puck (at length) 7 times during the game, and used soft hands as well as his patience, in order to make things happen offensively. Thomas’ skating was adequate but could certainly be improved. He moved his feet quickly, and without much knee bend, resulting in a shortish, and slightly rougher stride. His high foot turnover partially made up for this, but there is still work to be done, and we look forward to seeing progress on this during the season. Thomas is a highly effective point producer who works hard in all three zones of the ice and we see him as one of the top prospects in the upcoming draft.