# 9 – Gabriel Fortier (2018 Draft)

Fortier is an excellent skater with one of the fastest accelerations in junior hockey…. and he really showed it off in this game. There were 9 instances where he made positive plays as a result of his skating… including on the forecheck, backcheck, and in his 3 full-speed puck rushes up ice. Fortier created offence with his puck distribution, completing 5 effective passes in the game. He battled hard for pucks, and used his body to outmuscle opponents and win possession. Fortier displayed a willingness to work just as hard on the defensive side of the game as he did to create offence, and that really resonated with us. His speed and two-way play place him firmly in the top half of the draft rankings at this point in the season.

# 13 – Ivan Chekhovich (2017 Draft – 7th rd – San Jose)

Chekhovich was one of the more effective players at skating the puck out of the defensive zone, and showed high pace on his 2 full-length puck rushes. He displayed a heavy snapshot, and completed 4 mid-range passes to his teammates.

# 20 – Xavier Bouchard (2018 Draft)

Logged a ton of minutes, got double shifted much of the game and was a mainstay on the powerplay and penalty kill. Bouchard moved the puck very effectively, with many of his passes originating in the defensive zone and being received by teammates in the neutral zone. He had 4 dangerous shots directed towards the net, with a snapshot and slapshot of around medium pace. His footwork looked comfortable while in possession of the puck, and his stickhandling was smooth as he examined the ice. Bouchard actually skated better with the puck than without, and in the defensive zone looked a little slow when his opponents made quick maneuvers to attack the net. Bouchard is still growing into his body, and showed a lot of upside with his high intelligence level and playmaking ability.