# 4 – Justin MacPherson (2018 Draft)

Played a simple game and moved the puck effectively out of his own zone on the majority of occasions he had control. Had the confidence to seek the puck, and possessed it many times during the game albeit for a short amount of time, as he moved pucks quickly upon receiving them.. A couple d-zone passes were turned over to the opposition, where a play up the boards would have been preferred.. Showed good knee bend in his backwards skating and kept his stick near the puck carriers, limiting their space to work.. MacPherson has some two-way upside with his puck-moving and good defensive skating

# 44 – Akil Thomas (2018 Draft)

Possessed the puck more than anyone else on the ice.. Skating stride is a bit upright and wobbly, but Thomas is a relatively speedy player, and faster than he initially appears.. He had 4 controlled d-zone exits, and 5 full-speed puck rushes up ice.. Played with a bit of an edge and finished his checks all over the ice.. Used his strength and positioning to gain the edge in loose puck battles even before he and the opponent would reach the puck.. This allowed him to retrieve many pucks and create a lot of plays.. Showed considerable speed without the puck and would find space to catch a pass, while also looking for open teammates before receiving these passes.. Did this in the neutral zone on rushes and made a few cross-ice passes allowing teammates time and space to enter the o-zone.. Had 7 effective passes in total.


# 10 – Merrick Rippon (2018 Draft)

Played an outstanding defensive game.. Was strong on the puck and won every 50/50 battle he was in.. Used his body to shield the puck, and his sharp edges/quick feet to maneuver away from forecheckers.. Displayed good backwards skating and knee bend which allowed for side to side movements as opponents rushed up ice.. Outstanding stick checking as well. Poked the puck away from the opposition on a number of occasions.. Made effective short distance passes in the defensive and neutral zones to move the puck up ice (7 in total).

# 91 – Ryan McLeod (2018 Draft)

Was shifty with the puck and made explosive movements to buy time and space.. Bent his knees, got low to the ice, and turned his back to the opposition in order to shield the puck effectively in the offensive zone.. McLeod has unbelievable pace, but only had 1 full-speed puck rush in the game, and played more of a calculating, lower paced style.. Had 6 effective passes at short-range, and 1 long-range pass in the offensive zone that led to a great scoring opportunity.. Displayed his heavy shot, and had 3 directed towards the net, with 2 of those being wide of the cage.. McLeod is a projected mid-first-round pick.